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Scanreco has been developing and supplying professional radio remote control systems to all parts of the world since 1984. Today, the company's global presence is supported by an ever-growing network of local sites and carefully selected distributors with expertise in hydraulics and radio technology. In close dialogue with our customers, users and experts in ergonomics and user-friendliness, we are constantly developing new products and systems that represent the state of the art.

Their understanding of machines, working environments and last but not least the human behind the wheel has resulted in more than half a million carefully developed Scanreco systems, a large part of which are still in use. Scanreco's rugged and reliable transmitters and receivers are used on construction sites, in forests and mines, and in fields all over the world, to name just a few applications.

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Yuken is a global company that has been providing customers with world-class hydraulic services and a high level of service since 1929.

As the fourth largest hydraulic equipment manufacturer in the world, the flexibility of our global company sets us apart from the crowd: We pride ourselves on delivering the best results and highest quality for every customer, no matter how big or small. 

Yuken: The hydraulics specialist has accumulated a wealth of practical and technical know-how. Our company's beginnings date back over 90 years to 1929, when Uichi Yuki established an auto repair shop in Tokyo. By 1940, the repair shop had become a successful hydraulic equipment manufacturer, producing hydraulic honing machines, hydraulic vane pumps and various types of hydraulic control valves.

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Vivoil Oleodinamica Vivolo srl was founded in 1985 when Mr. Domenico Vivolo, after 25 years of experience at Turolla, one of the most important companies in the sector, decided to create his own company for the assembly and sale of hydraulic components.

The company has grown so much that in 2005 it started to carry out some manufacturing processes internally. This gives it the necessary flexibility to customize our products to the maximum and to guarantee fast deliveries in Italy and abroad. Oleodinamica Vivoil has grown from a small company to an international brand. In the same year we moved to the plant in Budrio (Bologna), which is also the headquarters of the company, where 30 people work and where we produce.

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JUUKO Industrial Radio Remote Control was founded in 1994 and is one of the pioneer companies in the design and manufacture of industrial radio remote controls.

JUUKO focuses on safety, efficiency and productivity, and does its utmost to perfect the design of its radio remote controls to the highest level.

Today, JUUKO continues to improve its design of industrial radio remote controls and other industrial products after years of studying the requirements of industry and construction around the globe and listening to their problems and needs. JUUKO is now available in more than 40 countries.

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Elettrotec operates in the electromechanical field dealing with the control of fluids, designing and manufacturing both electromechanical and electronic sensors. The experience gained over the years allows them to offer the market a wide range of solutions that can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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