Monoblock, Cetop, Pipeline Valves, Electronics

    1. At Hydraulic Master we are committed to delivering top-notch Monoblock, Cetop, Pipeline Valves, and Electronics that meet your industry's demands. Explore our comprehensive range.

  1. Monoblock Valves

  2. Our monoblock valves are compact control valves designed for space-saving applications. With integrated functionalities like directional control, flow regulation, and pressure adjustment, these valves provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for hydraulic systems in industrial machinery, construction equipment, and agricultural vehicles. At Hydraulic Master You can find monoblock valves from 1 section up to 7 section. Discover how our monoblock valves control and optimize fluid and enhance operational performance.

  4. Cetop Valves, Plates, Solenoids

  5. Explore our wide range of cetop valves, plates and solenoids, compliant with European CETOP standards, for seamless integration and interchangeability. In our offer you will find for example cetop 05 valves and cetop 03 valves. With applications in machine tools, plastic machinery, and material handling systems, our cetop valves provide reliable and precise hydraulic control. Learn more about the advantages of incorporating CETOP hydraulic valves into your industrial setups.

  6. Cetop 03 Pilot Operated Check Valve - NG6
  7. Valves

  8. Safeguard the efficiency and safety of your pipeline systems with our high-quality valves. Front loader valves, in-line valves, proportional valves, manual diverter valves and solenoid diverter valves are just a few examples of the diverse range we offer. These valves are indispensable components in oil and gas industries, water treatment plants, and various industrial processes. Our valves regulate fluid flow, isolate sections for maintenance, and ensure optimal system performance. Discover the benefits of our robust and reliable valves for your critical operations.

  9. 6-Way Reversing Valves Linkable Electrically Operated 3/8
  10. Electronics

  11. Our electronics category covers a broad spectrum of electrical components and radio remote control. We provide comprehensive solutions for various industries. Explore the possibilities of our high-quality electronic solutions for your specific needs.

  12. Radio Control HV-K200 Emergency Stop 2x Mosfet-12/24VDC


  • Front Loader Valves

    Find the ideal hydraulic valve for your tractor loader in our comprehensive collection. Whether you require single or multi-function valves, we have the right solution for you. It's crucial to know your tractor's flow rate and whether it operates on an Open Center or Closed Center LS circuit before making a choice. You can easily find this information on Still unsure? Contact us for expert advice. Shop now for unbeatable deals and fast shipping

  • Proportional Valves​
    Forestry Crane Valve DPX 100/8-P

    Searching for the perfect valve for your forest or truck crane with high oil flow requirements? Look no further! We specialize in providing complete valve solutions tailored to machines with oil flows exceeding 80 l/min. Send us pictures of your existing valve or any drawings you have to help us understand your specific needs better. Our extensive inventory includes a wide range of spare parts, such as inlet and outlet sections, working sections, spools with varying flow rates, relief valves, anti-shock & cavitation valves, and options for solenoid and lever control.

    Why settle for generic solutions when you can have parts specifically designed to meet your machine's requirements? Benefit from our fast delivery and professional technical support to ensure that you're choosing the right components for optimum performance and durability. Our team of experts is on standby to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you get a solution that perfectly aligns with your machine's needs. Don't compromise—invest in quality and reliability with our specialized valve solutions for high-flow machinery
  • Manual Diverter valve


    Are You looking for Rotary Changeover Valves?

    Welcome to our Rotary Changeover Valve category, where you'll discover a diverse selection of premium valves meticulously crafted to deliver seamless and efficient fluid control in your hydraulic systems. These valves are essential components that facilitate smooth switching between multiple circuits, optimizing the direction of fluid flow and significantly enhancing your machinery's overall performance. Experience the precision and flexibility our Rotary Changeover Valves offer, ensuring smooth operations and improved productivity in various industrial applications.

    Our carefully curated collection features a 3-Way, 4-Way, 6-Way and 8-Way Rotary Switching Valves. Shop with confidence, knowing that our Rotary Changeover Valves are sourced from reputable manufacturers and tested for quality and durability. Experience enhanced fluid control and optimize your hydraulic systems with our exceptional valve offerings. Elevate your machinery performance today with our reliable Rotary Changeover Valves!

  • Electric Operated...

    Explore our high-quality Monoblock Valves, designed for optimal hydraulic flow ranging from 40 to 120 l/min. Specifically engineered for open center circuits, these valves ensure oil returns to the tank when solenoids are inactive. Customizable for special requirements, choose from a variety of spool types, including 'partial open motor' and 'fully open'. Built to withstand up to 350 bar of pressure—adjustable to meet your needs. Each valve features a 'Power Beyond' port marked 'N' that requires a special adapter for secondary valve supply. Available in 12 or 24V, with 110 or 230V options upon request. Extend your hydraulic system by connecting 2 or more valves to a single pump. From 1 to 7 function options, find the perfect valve for your project at Hydraulic Master Shop. Below you can find suitable control boxes or radio radio remote

    Check controler

  • Valve Actuators, Levers​

    Welcome to your one-stop destination for hydraulic valve control solutions! Our specialized category features a robust selection of Control Joysticks, tailored to meet a variety of hydraulic applications. With optional built-in buttons, our joysticks are versatile enough to manage your 3rd or 4th functions, lights, and horns. You can also opt for joysticks that come with on-off return or non-return switches, delivering greater control and convenience.

    As for compatibility, we offer two main types of cables suitable for our joysticks: Ball Type and Fork Type. The latter is especially designed for seamless integration with Walvoil valves. When it comes to cable length, we provide flexible options ranging from 1 meter to 5 meters to suit different use-cases.

  • In Line Valves


    Pressure Relief Valve Pilot Operated Walvoil

    Learn more about our In Line Valves!

    In line valves are essential components that regulate, control, and direct the flow of hydraulic fluid within a system. These valves are typically installed within the hydraulic line itself, offering a compact and space-efficient solution for fluid control. Whether you require precise flow control, pressure regulation, or direction change, our in line valves come in various types and configurations to suit your specific application.

    Explore our comprehensive selection, which includes:

    1. Pressure Valves - Protect your hydraulic system from excessive pressure, ensuring safety and preventing damage.
    2. Stainless Steel Valves offer exceptional corrosion resistance and durability, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of industries and applications.
    3. Flow Control Valves are essential components in hydraulic systems, enabling precise regulation of fluid flow rates to optimize performance and enhance system efficiency.
    4. Shut-off valves are vital devices in any system, allowing for quick and reliable on/off control of fluid flow, ensuring safety and convenience in various applications.
    5. Directional valves play a crucial role in hydraulic systems by directing the flow of fluid to specific actuators or sections, enabling precise control of movement and functionality.

    Experience the power of precise hydraulic control with our premium in line valves. Enhance your hydraulic systems' performance, reliability, and safety with the best products available in the market. Start browsing now and elevate your hydraulic projects to new heights!

  • Monoblock Valves



    Discover our wide selection of Monoblock Valves!

    Monoblock valves are compact and versatile hydraulic control valves that offer seamless integration and exceptional functionality. With a single block design, these valves provide a space-efficient solution for various applications, whether it's in agriculture, construction, material handling, or industrial machinery.

    Explore our comprehensive range, featuring:

    1. 1 Section Monoblock Valves
    2. 2 Section Monoblock Valves
    3. 3 Section Monoblock Valves
    4. 4 Section Monoblock Valves
    5. 5 Section Monoblock Valves
    6. 6 Section Monoblock Valves
    7. 7 Section Monoblock Valves

    Upgrade your hydraulic systems with our premium monoblock valves and experience enhanced precision, efficiency, and control. Browse our selection now and take your hydraulic projects to new heights!

  • Solenoid Diverter valve​


    6-Way Reversing Valves Linkable Electrically Operated 3/8"

    Read more about our Changeover Valves!

    Changeover valves are essential components that allow for seamless switching between hydraulic circuits or actuator operations. These valves are perfect for applications where you need to alternate between different functions without interrupting the fluid flow or compromising system performance.

    Our comprehensive selection includes:

    1. Changeover Valves DFE052/2 
    2. Changeover Valves DFE052/3
    3. Changeover Valves DFE052/6 
    4. Changeover Valves DFE052/8 
    5. 6-Way Change Over Valves
    6. Changeover Valves 1/2 

    Our changeover valves are sourced from reputable manufacturers, renowned for their craftsmanship, reliability, and adherence to industry standards. Whether you're working on agricultural machinery, construction equipment, or industrial systems, our user-friendly online platform and expert support team are here to help you find the perfect changeover valve for your specific application!

  • Electrical Components


    Contact Inserts 42 Pole + PE With Cage Clamp Connection

    Looking for premium electrical components?

    Here, you'll find a wide range of high-quality electrical components designed to complement and enhance your hydraulic systems.

    Our selection includes:

    1. Connectors - Essential for establishing secure electrical connections, ensuring reliable communication between various hydraulic components and control systems.
    2. Cable Glands - Provide cable entry points to enclosures, protecting wires from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors, ensuring longevity and safety.
    3. 2-Axis Joystick SW / Lever Switch - Enable precise and intuitive control over hydraulic actuators and movements, offering smooth and responsive operation.
    4. Pressure Switch and Potentiometer - Monitor hydraulic pressure levels and provide feedback for system control, allowing for real-time adjustments and ensuring optimal performance.
    5. Pressure Sensor - Deliver accurate pressure readings for effective system monitoring, safety, and control.
    6. Thermal Switches - Safeguard your hydraulic system by detecting excessive heat and triggering automatic shutdown or alerts to prevent damage.
    7. Level Sensors - Provide precise liquid level measurements, ideal for monitoring fluid reservoirs and ensuring proper functioning.
    8. Flow Rate Measurement - Enable accurate flow rate monitoring, crucial for maintaining consistent performance and efficiency in hydraulic systems.
    9. Electric Motors - Power hydraulic pumps and other components, converting electrical energy into mechanical force, driving fluid flow, and system functionality.

    Our electrical components are sourced from trusted manufacturers, known for their reliability, performance, and adherence to industry standards. Whether you're working on new hydraulic installations or upgrading existing systems, our user-friendly online platform and knowledgeable support team are here to help you find the right electrical components for your specific requirements.

  • Radio Remote Control


    Radio Control HV-K1200 Emergency Stop 12 X Mosfet-12/24VDC

    Explore our wide assortment of Cable and Radio Control!

    Here, you'll find a comprehensive range of cutting-edge control solutions designed to meet the demands of modern hydraulic systems.

    Our selection includes:

    1. Cable Control - Offering reliable and precise control over hydraulic functions, our cable control solutions are perfect for applications where a physical connection is preferred or required.
    2. Radio Control System - Embrace the freedom of wireless control with our advanced radio control systems, providing flexibility and convenience in operating hydraulic machinery from a distance.
    3. Joysticks and Handles - Experience ergonomic and intuitive control with our wide variety of joysticks and handles, ensuring operator comfort and seamless operation.
    4. Plug-In Amplifier / Proportional Amplifier - Enhance the performance of your hydraulic systems with our high-quality plug-in and proportional amplifiers, allowing for accurate and proportional control of hydraulic functions.
    5. Electronic Control Units - Our electronic control units offer intelligent and efficient management of hydraulic operations, integrating various control signals to optimize system performance.

    Whether you're in agriculture, construction, material handling, or any other industry that relies on hydraulic machinery, our cable and radio control solutions are engineered to withstand challenging environments and ensure reliable operation.

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Radio system SCANRECO RC 400 Maxipult + G2B/G3 receiver

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  • A3000380410
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