Electric Operated Monoblock Valves

Explore our high-quality Monoblock Valves, designed for optimal hydraulic flow ranging from 40 to 120 l/min. Specifically engineered for open center circuits, these valves ensure oil returns to the tank when solenoids are inactive. Customizable for special requirements, choose from a variety of spool types, including 'partial open motor' and 'fully open'. Built to withstand up to 350 bar of pressure—adjustable to meet your needs. Each valve features a 'Power Beyond' port marked 'N' that requires a special adapter for secondary valve supply. Available in 12 or 24V, with 110 or 230V options upon request. Extend your hydraulic system by connecting 2 or more valves to a single pump. From 1 to 7 function options, find the perfect valve for your project at Hydraulic Master Shop. Below you can find suitable control boxes or radio radio remote 


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