Electrical Components


Contact Inserts 42 Pole + PE With Cage Clamp Connection

Looking for premium electrical components?

Here, you'll find a wide range of high-quality electrical components designed to complement and enhance your hydraulic systems.

Our selection includes:

  1. Connectors - Essential for establishing secure electrical connections, ensuring reliable communication between various hydraulic components and control systems.
  2. Cable Glands - Provide cable entry points to enclosures, protecting wires from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors, ensuring longevity and safety.
  3. 2-Axis Joystick SW / Lever Switch - Enable precise and intuitive control over hydraulic actuators and movements, offering smooth and responsive operation.
  4. Pressure Switch and Potentiometer - Monitor hydraulic pressure levels and provide feedback for system control, allowing for real-time adjustments and ensuring optimal performance.
  5. Pressure Sensor - Deliver accurate pressure readings for effective system monitoring, safety, and control.
  6. Thermal Switches - Safeguard your hydraulic system by detecting excessive heat and triggering automatic shutdown or alerts to prevent damage.
  7. Level Sensors - Provide precise liquid level measurements, ideal for monitoring fluid reservoirs and ensuring proper functioning.
  8. Flow Rate Measurement - Enable accurate flow rate monitoring, crucial for maintaining consistent performance and efficiency in hydraulic systems.
  9. Electric Motors - Power hydraulic pumps and other components, converting electrical energy into mechanical force, driving fluid flow, and system functionality.

Our electrical components are sourced from trusted manufacturers, known for their reliability, performance, and adherence to industry standards. Whether you're working on new hydraulic installations or upgrading existing systems, our user-friendly online platform and knowledgeable support team are here to help you find the right electrical components for your specific requirements.

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