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Radio Control HV-K1200 Emergency Stop 12 X Mosfet-12/24VDC

Explore our wide assortment of Cable and Radio Control!

Here, you'll find a comprehensive range of cutting-edge control solutions designed to meet the demands of modern hydraulic systems.

Our selection includes:

  1. Cable Control - Offering reliable and precise control over hydraulic functions, our cable control solutions are perfect for applications where a physical connection is preferred or required.
  2. Radio Control System - Embrace the freedom of wireless control with our advanced radio control systems, providing flexibility and convenience in operating hydraulic machinery from a distance.
  3. Joysticks and Handles - Experience ergonomic and intuitive control with our wide variety of joysticks and handles, ensuring operator comfort and seamless operation.
  4. Plug-In Amplifier / Proportional Amplifier - Enhance the performance of your hydraulic systems with our high-quality plug-in and proportional amplifiers, allowing for accurate and proportional control of hydraulic functions.
  5. Electronic Control Units - Our electronic control units offer intelligent and efficient management of hydraulic operations, integrating various control signals to optimize system performance.

Whether you're in agriculture, construction, material handling, or any other industry that relies on hydraulic machinery, our cable and radio control solutions are engineered to withstand challenging environments and ensure reliable operation.

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Radio system SCANRECO RC 400 Maxipult + G2B/G3 receiver

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